Australian Anthem - Australian Anthem Candidate

Australian Anthem was written by John Dunmore Lang in December 1826. It was included in the final 6 songs to be voted as the Australian National Anthem, but was removed from the final vote. I assume it was removed because it is an ode to Britain, to God and to racism against the Aboriginals of Australia – the first inhabitants – rather than an ode to everything that makes Australia great.

Ye kindreds of the earth
Come sing a nation’s birth!
Australia’s Sun
Has risen with orient light
To chase the shades of night
Aye! and in glory bright
His course to run

Dark was the night and drear!
Full many a hopeless year
Thick shadows lay
O’er the vast Southern land
At length Heaven gave command
And Britains magic hand
Unveiled the day

Britain, thy fame be sung
By each Australian tongue
While rolls the Sun!
Still may they flag unfurled
Wave o’er the subject world
‘Til tyranny is hurled
From every throne!

Australia’s blooming isle
Rejoices in thy smile
Queen of the seas!
Beneath thy downy wing
Her hopeful children sing
Great George their patriot-king
In joyful lays

Australia! land of hope!
Thy sons shall bear thee up
Even to the skies!
And Earth’s exalted ones
Shall hail thee from their thrones
Queen of the Southern Zones
Australia, rise!

Rise! and may Gospel day
Wax brighter as thy sway
Extends around
‘Til the vast Southern main
Hail the Redeemer’s reign
And its isles ring again
With the glad sound!

The captive negro toils
In yonder hapless isles
Far o’er the waves
But thou blest Isle art free!
No negro pines for thee!
No! thou canst never be
A land of slaves!

O be it them thy care
From Superstition’s snare
And Slaverys chain
To set the wretched free
‘Til Christian liberty
Wide o’er the Southern Sea
Triumphant reign!