Australian Christmas Carols

Christmas is such a special time of the year and Christmas Carols are a BIG part of the Christmas feeling. The Carols listed below are specific to Australia. They include the Aussie sense of humour, the sunshine, the surf, the sand and other uniquely Aussie oddities. I hope you enjoy them as much I love them.

A Very Merry Aussie Christmas
Ate too much at Christmas
Aussie 12 Days of Christmas
Aussie Barbecue
Aussie Jingle Bells
Australians Let Us Barbeque
Carol of the Birds
Christmas in the Scrub
Christmas on the Station
Christmas Time Down Under
Christmas when I was big as you
Christmas where the Gumtrees grow
Deck the Sheds with Bits of Wattle
Deck the Sheds with Boughs of Wattle
Down under Santa gets a Suntan
Everywhere its Christmas
Five Days of Christmas
Report of the Stockman
Santa never made it into Darwin
Six White Boomers
Sun Gleams Bright
The Golden Kangaroo
The Three Drovers
Unto Us this Holy Night
We wish you a Rippa Christmas