YUMMO!! Food, food and more food! We have some great and very unusual food in Australia – Vegemite, Lamingtons, Damper, Anzac Biscuits, Iced Vovos mmmm YUM!  or what about Stockman’s Bootlaces, Curried Yabbies and Rice or even Dogs in Blankets?

If you feel like having a taste of the normal and not-so-normal Australian cuisines – then check out the recipes and history to some of these great foods here!

 True Blue Recipes
(Things Aussies Eat Regularly)

Anzac Biscuits
Banana Bread
Coconut Ice
Meat Pie
Sausage Rolls

Bush Tucker Recipes
(Special Australian Ingredients Required)

WattleSeed Pavlova
Sydney Salad
Austro-Asian Style Roast Pork
Balmain Bugs and Whiting
Creped Crustaceans
Seared Emu with an Illawarra Plum and Munthari Compote
Fillet of Beef with Native PepperBerries
Gumleaf Bavarois
Lemon Myrtle Rum Baba
Native Thyme Crusted Kangaroo
Outback Pizza
Oysters Outback

Aussie Specialities
(Great Aussie Recipes)

Aussie Shovel Burgers
Aussie Beer Bread
Barbecued Emu
Blue Swimmers and Beer
Brumbies in the Sandhills
Camel Stew
Curried Yabbies and Rice
Dogs in Blankets
Gum Smoked Crocodile
Kangaroo Tail Soup
Lightning Ridge Galah Soup
Mud Trout
Paperbark Barramundi
Pipi Soup
Spotted Dog
Stewed Quandongs
Stockman’s Bootlaces
Witchetty Soup