William Allen – First Fleet Convict

1785 ~ Conviction

William Allen was convicted of Robbery with Violence at Ormskirk Quarter Sessions, England. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation to Botany Bay on the Alexander. William was 22 when he was convicted.

John Allen – First Fleet Convict

2 March 1786 ~ Conviction

John Allen was convicted of Theft of a trunk, bed curtains, valances and other items at Herford Court, England. He was tried along with his wife, Sarah Allen for Grand Larceny. Sarah was acquitted of the charges but John was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation to Botany Bay on the Alexander. John was a 45 year old Miller at the time of conviction.

Henry Abraham – First Fleet Convict

7 or 9 March 1785 ~ Conviction

In everything I have read about this fellow, there are two or more versions. It was not uncommon for many people to have the same name back in the 1700s and I am personally inclined to believe that there was more than one person, with history mixing them together. However I have no proof of this so the information I have found so far is:

Robert Abel – First Fleet Convict

15 December 1784 ~ Conviction

Robert Abel was convicted of theft with violence and highway robbery with a pistol at the Old Bailey Court in England. He was sentenced to death by hanging, however, this sentence was changed to 7 years transportation aboard the Alexander in the First Fleet.