7 or 9 March 1785 ~ Conviction

In everything I have read about this fellow, there are two or more versions. It was not uncommon for many people to have the same name back in the 1700s and I am personally inclined to believe that there was more than one person, with history mixing them together. However I have no proof of this so the information I have found so far is:

  • Henry Abraham was convicted at Chelmsford Court, Essex, England of stealing 15s, half a guinea, a wig, stuff bag, ruffled shirt, neckcloth, leather breeches and leather boot garter from Fleetwood Bury Esq on 7 March 1785.
  • Henry Abrahams was convicted at Chelmsford Court, Essex, England of 3 counts of highway robbery on 9 March 1785.

It could possibly be that the goods he received from Fleetwood Bury Esq. were the goods he received during the highway robberies. Either way, he was sentenced to death by hanging for the offence(s). His sentence was changed to 7 years transportation to Africa but when no site could be found in Africa that was suitable for a penal colony, the sentence was changed to Botany Bay. There are two varying accounts of which boat he arrived on also:

  • Henry Abrahams – Alexander
  • Henry Abrams – Scarborough

At the time of sentencing, Henry Abraham(s)/Abrams was a 26 year old labourer.

27 October 1788 ~ Charge

Henry was charged with “Disrespect to Captain Watkin Tench and Lieutenant Long. He was later acquitted of this charge on 1 November 1788.

14 February 1789 ~ Relocation

Henry was sent to Norfolk Island aboard the “Supply”. Being sent to Norfolk Island was normally because of a re-offence (secondary punishment which was much harsher), but there is no record of what offence Henry committed. It is later noted that Henry was “maintaining himself on a Queenborough Lot” which could possibly mean he was granted land on Norfolk Island and was there as either a free man or as a gaoler rather than as an inmate, but there is no proof of this either. The last known record of Henry was in 1796 where he still resided on Norfolk Island.