2 March 1786 ~ Conviction

John Allen was convicted of Theft of a trunk, bed curtains, valances and other items at Herford Court, England. He was tried along with his wife, Sarah Allen for Grand Larceny. Sarah was acquitted of the charges but John was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation to Botany Bay on the Alexander. John was a 45 year old Miller at the time of conviction.

May 1788 ~ Charge

John Allen and Edward Varndell were charged with theft of timber in May 1788. These charges were dismissed.

October 1788 ~ Relocation

John was relocated to Norfolk Island in October 1788 on the Golden Grove. It is unknown why he was relocated. He returned to Port Jackson on the Supply in December 1789.

5 April 1793 ~ Death

John Allen died in Sydney on 5 April 1793. The cause of his death is unknown though he was 62 years of age, so it could have been natural causes.