Australian Slang Dictionary A

Ace Excellent
to put the Acid on To ask for help, sex or money from someone
Acre Your bottom ie. nothing better than sitting on your acre doing nothing
Adrian Quist Rhyming slang for pissed (drunk) – Adrian Quist was a famous tennis player
Aerial Ping Pong Aussie Rules Football
After Darks Sharks (rhyming slang)
Agots Man’s testicles
Agro Someone who is really angry
Aleck A person of limited mental capacity eg. your a Smart Aleck
Alf Stupid person
the Alice Abbreviation for Alice Springs – a town in the middle of Australia
Alkie Alcoholic
All alone like a Country Dunny Abandoned, lonely, alone
All the Go The latest fad, something is right with it, popular
All over the place like a Mad Woman’s Breakfast In a state of chaos
Alley A type of marble sometimes known as Agate
Ambers Beer eg. lets grab a coupla Ambers
Ankle biter Toddler, young child
Ant’s pants Height of fashion; high opinion of themselves
Any old Joe Blow can tell you General knowledge, any idiot could tell you
Anyhow mate! A saying used to change the subject when talking (usually when their bored with what you are saying)
Apples Okay, alright eg. she’ll be apples
Apple eaters Someone who lives in the state of Tasmania (apple growing state)
Apricots A man’s testicles
Arf a Mo Half a moment – just wait a bit
Arse Backside, butt; bum; freckle – the thing Australians sit on compared to the donkey (ass) that Americans think they sit on 🙂
Arse Uncanny Good Luck – god he’s got arse! He’s got more arse than class!
to Arse About Muck around with no real purpose
Arse about Face Something is back to front eg. you’ve got that arse about face mate!
get your Arse into Gear Move it! – someone is asking you to get moving or stop slacking off
given the Arse Made redundant or fired from your job
give it the Arse Throw out something useless
wouldn’t know if his Arse was on Fire Dumb or very preoccupied person
what’s up your Arse? whats the matter with you?
Arse over Tit Fell over eg. Man! he went arse over tit!
Arse-up Dead; headfirst; upside down
Arsehole Total moron; someone you really dislike; equivalent of the american donkeyhole (asshole)
as dry as an Arab’s Fart very dry
doesn’t know if he’s Arthur or Martha A confused or stressed person
Arvo Afternoon
as useful as an Ashtray on a Motorbike Completely useless
As ugly as a Hat Full of Arseholes Extremely ugly
As useful as Tits on a Bull Totally useless
At the Drop of a Hat Any excuse
Aussie Battler An ordinary Australian trying to make ends meet
Aussie Salute Swatting flies away from your face
Ava Go Ya Mug! Someone is not trying hard enough in their sport and you want them to (this is yelled to give them a bit of a push)
AV Jennings marriage Your first marriage (AV Jennings is a builder in Australia specializing in building houses for young married couples)
Away with the Pixies/Fairies Off in another world, daydreaming
Awning over the Toy Shop male beer belly
Ay? Didn’t catch what someone has said, or pardon me


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