Australian Slang Dictionary B

Babbling Brook Crook (rhyming slang)
Back Blocks Beyond suburbia
Back Door Bandit Male homosexual
Back Hander To hit someone; a bribe
Back of Bourke The middle of nowhere, or a remote area of Australia
Back of Beyond As far into the outback as you can get
Bag A woman who is not particularly pleasant/attractive
Bag of Fruit suit (rhyming slang)
Bag of Strife Wife (rhyming slang)
Bagged Someone Out Criticised or put someone down
Bags A way of asking to be next ie. Bags I go next!
rough as Bags Someone unpleasant to look at
Bail Out Leave
Bail Up Hold up; rob; earbash
Bald as a Bandicoot Bald headed
Ball Bearing Mousetrap Ungelded male cat
Ball and Chain Wife
Ball Tearer Something great ie. We had a ball tearer of a time!
Ballsup Terrible mistake
Banana Bender Someone who lives in Queensland, Australia
Banana Republic Queensland – a state of Australia
Bananas Someone going crazy with anger
like a Bandicoot on a Burnt Ridge All alone
Bangs Has sex with eg. He bangs her or Hes banging her
Banged up Pregnant
Bangs like a Dunny Door Has sex a lot
Bang On Dead right!
won’t have a Bar of him/her Will have nothing to do with that person
Bar Flies People who frequent a bar or pub
Barbie; Barby; BBQ (Barbeque) A cook out, many people get together for a ‘Barbie’ in the warmer months
Barcoo Rot Festering skin disease, something like tinia
Barley! Word used to call for a truce
Barney A fight, argument or scuffle
Barrack To spur your team or sport on
Barrack For Voice support for a team
Give it a Bash Give it a go; try something new
Bashing your brains out Studying or thinking hard
Basket Case Someone on the edge of mental collapse
Bastard Illegitimate; mean; great person (usually male) eg. G’day, you old bastard! (friendly greeting)
He’s a mean Bastard! Unpleasant; despicable male
He’s as happy as a Bastard on Father’s Day! Depressed
Bathers Swimming costume
Battle Axe Wife or mother in law
Battler Someone that works hard for their money
Bats Crazy
Beak Your nose
Beanie Ski hat
spearing the Bearded Clam having sex
Beating around the Bush Not getting to the point on a subject
Beaut! Expression of approval or extremely good
Beauty! Exclamation of approval
Beef Bayonet Penis
Beef to the Ankles Very fat person
Beer Gut Fat stomach on a man from drinking too much beer
Bees knees The best or the greatest
Beg yours? Sorry, what did you say?
Give someone a Bell Call someone on the phone
Belly Flop Diving into water and hitting belly first OUCH!
Belly full of Bones Pregnant
Belt up! Shutup!; you are asked to stop talking or be quiet in an angry way
Bend the Elbow Drink alcohol
Berko Angry in an unreasonable way; absolutely furious; totally crazy
Best thing since Sliced Bread Really good, excellent, fantastic, beyond compare
Bet Your Boots on It! Dead certainty
Better Half Your wife
Better than a poke in the eye with a Blunt Stick Things could be worse!
Better than a slap in the face with a Wet Fish! Things could be worse!
keep your Bib on Don’t get overexcited
stick your Bib in Interfere where you’re not wanted
Bible Basher Religious fanatic who doorknocks
Bickie Money eg. he earns big bickies
Big Bickies Large sum of money
too Big for his Boots Someone who is up himself, thinks they are better than anyone else
Big Deal Something serious, important or noteworthy; or exclamation of scorn, cynicism or contempt eg. Oh Big Deal!
Big Girls Blouse A wimpish male
the Big Island What Tasmanian’s called Australia’s mainland
Big Note Yourself To say you are better or more important than you are – this doesn’t go down well in Australia
Big Smoke The city
Town Bike Woman of loose morals; female who would be ridden by anyone
Billabong A waterhole
sharp as a Billiard Ball Unintelligent or dumb person; idiot
Billy Lids Kids (rhyming slang)
Billy Used for making tea in, usually over a campfire
Put the Billy on Put the kettle on; boil the jug for a cuppa
Billy Cart A go-kart of a kids construction
Bindie-eye Prickle; nettle found in the grass
Bingle Minor car accident
Biscuit Australian version of the cookie
Bit of alright! Attractive, promising – ie. Wow she’s a bit of alright!
Bit more choke and ya woulda started! Said in jest to someone who has farted loudly
a Bit Rough Unfair; unjust eg. God that’s a bit rough!
a Bit Thick Said of someone you think is stupid eg. he’s a bit thick
Bite your Bum! shutup! or get lost
to put the Bite on Someone ask someone for money – forcefully sometimes
Bitser Mongrel dog
Black hole of Calcutta Very dark – eg. its like the black hole of Calcutta in here!
Black Stump Non existent place in the remote outback eg. beyond the black stump
Bleeder Fellow; person; bloke
Bleeding Oath! Expression of unqualified agreement – more polite version of Bloody oath!
even Blind Freddy could see that! What someone would say to you if they are telling you something really obvious or well known
Blimey! You are surprised by something eg. Blimey? You scared me!
Block Head
do your Block Loose your temper
Bloke Australian male
like a Bloke with boils on his arse A bad tempered male
your Bloods worth Bottling Someone has done something great for you
Bloody The great Australian adjective
Bloody Oath Expression of unqualified agreement
Bloody oath I do “Yes!!” you really approve of what someone is saying
it’s a Bloody Brothel Pigsty, very big mess
Blotto totally blind drunk
Blow through Leave in a hurry
on the Blower On the phone
Blowies Blow flies
Blow In Stranger in town; newcomer
Blow your dough Spend all your money
Bludge To do nothing at all; to borrow
Bludger Someone who fails to do anything they are asked (lazy); or borrows things and doesn’t return them
Blue Nickname for a redhead; or a fight eg. me and the missus had a blue
Blue arsed fly Running around getting nowhere – ie. I’m running around like a blue arsed fly!
Blue Heeler Country policeman or policewoman
Bluey Summons issued by police; cattle dog; rolled up blanket (as used by a swagman)
Blunter than a nun’s c… Extremely truthful to the point of rudeness
Bob’s your Uncle You just understood something that at first you did not not understand; or everything is great
Bodgie Bad work; inferior job done; cheap and nasty
Bog Toilet eg. off to the bog
to Bog In Pig out on food
Bollicles Testicles
Bolted Took off real quick; ran
Bombers Parking officers
point the Bone To point the finger – in Aboriginal culture pointing the bone results in death
Bonked! Had sex, eg. I bonked a bonzer sheila last night!
Bonzer Excellent
Boo Boo Mistake, error
Booby Timorous, foolish person
Boofhead Fool; idiot
Boogie Board Half-sized surf board
Boomer Kangaroo
Boomerang A returning throwing instrument made by the aboriginals but also something someone says when you borrow something from them to remind you to return it
put the Boot In Kick someone
Booze Alcohol, usually beer
Booze Artist Heavy drinker of alcohol
Booze Bus Police van used for random breath testing for alcohol and drugs
Boozer Heavy drinker; local pub
Booze up Wild party with plenty of alcohol
Bo-peep Sly look at something eg. I’ll just go have a bo-peep
Bore it up ’em! Give them a thrashing (team sports)
Bore the pants off someone Bore them excessively
Bosker Excellent
Boss cocky Person in charge
were you Born in a Tent? Said to someone who forgets to close doors behind them
Bot to borrow, especially cigarettes and liquor
Bottler Person, thing or event of outstanding merit
Bottoms Up Drinking the whole glass of something all at once (usually beer)
Box Protective plastic pouch cricketers wear to protect their private parts
BoxaBirds Box of birds, happy, chirpy, on top of the world eg. their as happy as a boxabirds
Boys in Blue Policemen
Brass Money
Brass monkey weather Extremely cold eg. freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Brass Razoo Brass farthing, ie. small amount of money ie. I don’t even have a brass razoo – I’m broke
Break it down! Expression of disbelief
Brekky Breakfast
Breather Short rest
Breeze Easy task eg. that was a breeze
Brickie Bricklayer
Brickies Cleavage Top of the buttocks shown when males wear their shorts too low ICK!
Brick short of a load Simple-minded
up and down like a Brides Nightie Emotional person or something that fluctuates wildly
mow the Brigalow Suckers Shave beard
Bright spark Cheerful, alert person
Brothel Besides the obvious it is also a term for an untidy or dirty house or place
would kill a Brown Dog Something completely inedible
Brumby Wild horse
he’s a Broken pack of Biscuits His life looks fine, but he’s a mess on the inside
Brown-eye To flash ones backside; mooning
Bucks dollars eg. it cost 20 bucks
Buckley’s chance No chance at all eg. you have 3 chances! F-all, buckleys and none!
Buffer Elderly man
Bugalugs A friendly endearment
Bugger all Doing nothing eg. doing bugger all
Bugger me dead! Extremely shocked at something
Bugger off! Go away!
Buggered Very tired, exhausted, extremely weary
go to Buggery Keep your nose out (said in a nasty way)
Bugle Nose
on the Bugle On the nose, smelly
Bugs bunny Money (rhyming slang)
Built like a brick shithouse A very tall, broad, well muscled person
Built like the side of a house Very large, obese person
Bulldust Nonsense, rubbish
like a Bull at a Gate Impatient person
Bulldust artist A person who exaggerates or talks total nonsense
Bullshit A lie
Bullshit Artist A liar
Bullamakanka Imaginary place in the outback, beyond any where
Bully for you! Derisive exclamation
Bum Backside; arse; freckle; butt; someone down on their luck and living on the street
Bum Biter Someone from New South Wales
Bummer Disappointing event
Bum nuts Eggs
Bum’s Rush Feeling unwelcome or having someone in a hurry to get rid of you – eg. to be given the bum’s rush
Bun in the Oven Pregnant
drop your Bundle Lose control of your emotions or senses
Bundy Bundaberg Rum (alcoholic drink – Bundy and Coke YUM!)
Bung To put (bung another snag on the barbie mate!); broken or damaged
Bunghole Your mouth
Bunyip Mythical spirit creature from outback
Burke and Wills Dills (rhyming slang) – one dill (or idiot) is just know as a Burke
Burl A try; eg. give it a burl – give it a try
Burr Up Get angry
Bush Somewhere in the country or away from the city
Bushed Totally exhausted
Bushbash Go off road in a vehicle; forcing your way through untouched bush
Bush Lawyer Someone who gives out unqualified legal advice
Bush pig Ugly woman
Bush Rangers People that charge exhorbitant costs, ie. laywers
Bush Telegraph The town gossip network
Bush week Exclamation of derision ie. what do you think this is? bush week? meaning you aren’t fooled by what they are saying
Bush Whacker Someone from the bush
Busier than a one armed Sydney cab driver with the crabs Extremely busy
Busier than a one-armed bill poster in a gale Extremely busy
as Busy as a one-legged bloke in an arse-kicking competition Extremely busy
Butcher 100 ml beer in South Australia
Butchers hook Look (rhyming slang)
Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth Watch out for the lies – a smooth talker
By jingos! Exclamation of wonder
BYO Bring your own
BYOE Bring your own everything
BYOG Bring your own grog


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