Australian Slang Dictionary - C


Cack Laugh
Cack-handed Left-handed
Cackle berries Chickens eggs – the chicken is called a cackler
Cactus Dead eg. its cactus
Cakehole Your mouth
Call a spade a spade Telling the complete truth no matter how hard it is to take
Camp oven Large cast iron pot used for cooking on an open fire
Can Gaol (jail)
Can it! Tell someone to stop it or shut up
Captain Cook A look (rhyming slang)
Cark it To die
C’arn Abbreviation for come on eg. c’arn the Raiders!
Carpetbagger Steak Beef stuffed with oysters
Carpet grub Small child
Carry on like a pork chop Behave in a stupid way
Cashing in on the act Taking advantage or making the most of the situation
Catch some zzz’s Have a sleep
Charge like a wounded bull Excessively high prices
Chalkie Teacher
a Change is as good as a holiday A break in normal routine can be as good as having a full holiday
Cheap drunk A person that gets intoxicated quickly
Cheap skate Miser
Cheeky Someone who is having fun with you and teasing you in a fun way
Cheerio Goodbye
Cheese and kisses Missus (rhyming slang)
Chewy on yer boot I hope your accuracy is faulty ~ The scene is the MCG after the siren has gone and the opposition which has just taken a mark has a chance to kick a goal and win the match. Their champion fullforward has taken a mark only 20 yards out from goal, right in front. It seems hopeless. What can a keen barracker do? Pray that they will step on a gob of chewing gum – or in some other way fail to complete a simple kick! (Full explanation care of Patricia Rogers)
Chew the fat Have a good talk together
Chinwag A chat or gossip
Chippy Carpenter
Chockablock/Chockers Filled to capacity
Choof off Leave
Chook A chicken, rooster or hen
may your Chooks turn into emus and kick your shithouse down Something you say to someone you’re really pissed off with (angry with)
Choppers Teeth
Chrissie Christmas
Christmas grip Someone has hold of your testicles
Chuck Throw something; vomit
Chuck a wobbly Throw a tantrum
Chuck up Throw up; vomit
Chunder Vomit
Clackers False teeth
Clanger A really big lie, a shock
Claytons A fake taken from the drink called claytons – the drink your having while your not having a drink – non-alcoholic beverage
Cleanskin Unbranded cattle
Climb the wall Go mad
Clobber Clothes; or to hit someone eg. he clobbered the bloke!
Clod hoppers Your feet or shoes
Clued up Well informed
Cluey Bright, intelligent
Cobber Mate, friend
Cock and bull A lie (cock and bull story)
Cockie; Cocky Cockatoo; cockroach; farmer; cheeky; full of him/herself
Cock jocks Men’s swimmers or bathers
Cockroach Someone who lives in NSW, Australia
Cock up Something didn’t go right
Cods Male testicles
Coddswallop A lot nonsense or a lie
Coffin Nail Cigarette
Coin Money
Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey Freezing cold
Colder than a polar bear’s behind Extremely cold
Coldie Cold can of beer
Collywobbles Feeling of apprehension
Come a cropper Fall heavily; have a setback
Come in spinner Called in the Aussie two-up coin tossing game (played on Anzac day each year)
Comic Cuts Stomach or guts (rhyming slang)
Compo Compensation (worker’s compensation)
Conk To hit someone
Cooee Call for greeting someone at a distance in the bush
Cook the books Falsify records
Coot Fellow (derogatory)
Cop; Copper Policeman
Cop it sweet To take what’s coming to you without trying to get back at them
Corroboree Aboriginal festival dance
Cossie Swimming costume
Cot case Bed-ridden person; nut case; crazy person
Couch potato Person who watches too much tv
Couldn’t organise arseholes in a shit factory Very disorganised
Couldn’t get a kick in a stampede Said of poorly performing football player
Couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding Physically weak; ineffectual
Couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery Incompetent; stupid
Couldn’t run a chook raffle in a country pub Incompetent; stupid
Couldn’t tell his ass from a hole in the ground Stupid; confused
Cow-tow Bow and scrape to someone
Cozzie Swimming costume
Crack a fat To get an erection
Crack a tinnie Open a cold can of beer
Crack onto To make a pass at; chat up
Cranky Bad- or short-tempered
Crap Bullshit eg. thats a load of crap
Crapper Toilet
Crash hot First-rate
Crawler Sycophant
Creamed Won by a long way eg. we creamed the other team; or to cum eg. he creamed himself
Crikey! Surprised at something
Cripes! Exclamation
Croak To die
Crockery Teeth; dinner set
Crook Ill; criminal
things are Crook in Muswellbrook Things are going badly
Croweater Someone who lives in South Australia
Cruddy Something of low quality
Crumpet Gorgeous female
Cunning as a shithouse rat As sly as a fox – very cunning
Cuppa Cup of tea or coffee
Curly Nickname for a bald person
give someone a bit of Curry To give them a hard time on an issue
Cushy To have it easy eg. cushy job
mad as a Cut snake Extremely angry
Cut lunch and a six pack Sandwiches and six beers
need to take a Cut Lunch and a Six Pack Long trip


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