Australian Slang Dictionary - D


Dad ‘n’ Dave Shave (rhyming slang)
Dag Eccentric scruffy person; a bit of a character
Daggy Something that dresses sloppily
Daks Trousers or shorts
Daisy cutter A sports term for a ball that is thrown or kicked really low
Damp squib Someone who is slow thinking; (a squib was a small firecracker, a damp squib is one that doesn’t go off)
Damper Flour and water bread mix cooked in the coals of a camp fire MMMMMM YUMMY with butter and jam!
Dead but won’t lie down Persistent where most would realise its futile
Dead cert Absolute certainly
Dead horse Tomato sauce (rhyming slang)
Dead marine Empty beer bottle
Deadset Without a doubt
here’s the Deal Prepare yourself to hear some important facts
your Dial Your face
Dickhead Foolish or obnoxious person
Didgeridoo Aboriginal wind musical instrument
going to your Digs Going home
Digger Returned Australian serviceman
Dill Idiot
Dilly Dally Taking your time to do something
Dilly-bag Food bag or small bag to carry things
Dingaling Silly person (affectionate)
Dingbat Someone who is a fool; eccentric person
Dingo Cunning bad person
Dingo’s breakfast To have a pee and a look around
Dinki-di Genuine Australian item or person
Dipstick/Dipshit Crazy, contemptible person
Dish-licker Dog
Divvy van Police divisional van
Do a flit Take off; run away from responsiblity
Do your block Lose your temper
Dobber A person that turns someone else in for doing something wrong
Docket A bill, receipt
Dodgy Something suspicious and underhanded is going on
spending all your Dough Spending all your money
Doesn’t know if it’s Pitt Street or Christmas To be confused (a country bloke confused at all the lights of Sydney’s Pitt Street)
Doesn’t know if he’s Arthur or Martha Confused person
Dog and bone Telephone (rhyming slang)
Dogs breakfast A mess or messy
looks like a Dog’s breakfast Someone who looks scruffy or daggy
Dog’s eye Meat pie (rhyming slang)
Dog’s eye and Dead horse Meat pie with sauce (rhyming slang)
who cut the Dog in half? Who farted?
Done Deal Finished; completed
Donger A mans penis
haven’t seen you in Donkey’s years You haven’t seen someone in a real long time
Done up like a pox doctors clerk! Overdressed
Don’t come the raw prawn with me! Don’t pretend to be green; don’t try to pull to wool over someones eyes
Doona Like a quilt, used instead of blankets (containing feathers and down)
Dork Fool or idiot
Dosh Money
Dover A bush knife
Down under Australia!
Drink with the flies To drink alone
Drip Someone with no personality, no character, boring
Drongo! Idiot, someone that is stupid
Droob Fool
Drop of the perch Glass of beer
Drop a brick/bomb Make a social blunder
Drop a clanger Impart embarrassing information, usually unintentionally
Drop kick Despicable or disliked person; Australian Rules Football term
Dropped your bundle Not coping with things
Dropped your guts Farted
Drover’s dog Anyone at all eg. a drovers dog could have done it
get the Drum on that Get the truth on that
Dry as a dead dingo’s donger Very thirsty; drought
Duck’s dinner Drinking with nothing to eat
Duck’s guts Something that is really good. (ie: a flash car)
Dud-dropper One who sells cheap stuff as good stuff, implying that it’s cheap because it fell off the back of a truck. stolen
up the Duff Pregnant
Duff gen False or misleading information
Dummy spit Lose temper, get angry or upset
Dunlop cheque Cheque that bounced – Dunlop is a rubber company in Australia
Dunny Toilet
Dunny budgie A fly
noisy as a Dunny door in a storm Something or someone making a continuous annoying noise
Durry Cigarette
Dust Devil Whirly wind or dust twister

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