Australian Slang Dictionary - F


Face fungus Man’s beard, hair on the face
Face like a yard of tripe Miserable countenance
Fag A cigarette; homosexual
Fair crack of the whip! Give me a fair go!
Fair dinkum Genuine; real
Fair enough OK you are right, concede the point eg. fair enough, I believe ya now
Fair suck of the sav! Statement you make when someone is not letting you have your say or you don’t believe a word they are saying on a certain topic
Fair-go Mate! Statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something
Fairy Floss Cotton candy
Fang it Go sideways in a car, excessive acceleration
Fanny Vagina
old Fart Someone older than you
Fart-arse around Not getting on with the job at hand, doing other things
Fat chance Little to no chance of something happening
Fella Person or a male
old Fella Penis
Few cans short of a six pack Crazy
Few sandwiches short of a picnic Crazy
Few slices short of a loaf Crazy
Fibber Someone who tell lies
like a Fish on a hook You are really caught on something; caught by something
Fit as a trout In excellent health
Five finger discount Shoplifting; stealing
Flake Shark meat, used in fish and chip shops
Flake out Collapse from exhaustion or too much alcohol
Flaming thing or Flaming good time Extra bad or extra good
Flash as a rat with a gold tooth Ostentatious; tastelessly over-dressed
Flasher Pervs (perverts) who expose their private parts in public
Flat chat; Flat strap Going very fast
Flat out like a lizard drinking Doing something very fast
give it the Flick You throw it away
Flicks Movie or picture theatre
Floater Meat pie floating in thick pea soup (South Australia) sounds bad but it’s great on a cold night
Flog To sell something; to beat someone – either literally or in a game eg. we flogged the other team
Flog the cat Indulge in self-pity
Flophouse Cheap boarding house; accommodation for homeless men
Flutter A small bet – usually on a horse race – and especially on the Melbourne cup
Footbrawl Northerners term for Aussie Rules Football
Footy Any Australian football eg. Australian Rules; Rugby League or Rugby Union – soccer is not known as football in Australia
For crying out loud! Expression of annoyance!
catch Forty winks Take a short nap
Fossicking Hunting for gemstones etc (usually opals or sapphires)
Franger Condom
I suppose it was Fred Nerk I suppose it was someone imaginary
Freshie Freshwater crocodile
Fritz A large sausage used for cutting into slices for sandwiches or to eat with salad (South Australia)
Frocks Dresses
Front someone Ask them what they’re hiding
Fruit cake Mentally unstable
Fruiterer One who sells fruit and vegetables
Full as a boot Drunk
Full as a Fairy’s phone book;
Full as a goog
Full as a tick
Drunk; replete
in Full Feather In real good health
Full of it Someone who loves themself and speaks absolute rubbish
Full of shit Someone who speaks absolute rubbish is…
Full up to the pussy’s bow Full from eating too much
Full quid Intelligent; shrewd; quick witted
not the Full quid Mentally impaired
Funny farm Mental institution
Furphy Unfounded rumour


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