Australian Slang Dictionary - G


Galah Loud, rudely behaved person; bird
Game Brave eg. your Game!
what’s your Game? What are you up to? you suspect something underhanded is happening
Game as Ned Kelly Daring; brave
have a Gander Have a look
Garbo Garbage collector
Gang Bang Sex Orgy
Garbologist Someone specialising in rubbish removal
Gasbag Someone who talks all the time
G’day Standard Australian greeting (same as hello or hi) means GoodDay to you – G’day is NOT a farewell
Get into the Grub Start eating food
Get off the Grass!! Do you think I’m stupid or gullible!!
Get on your goat Irritate; annoy
Get your dander up To become angry
Gets up your nose Something that pisses you off or annoys you
Gibber A large rock or a desert
like an old Gin at a Christening Slow, sluggish person
Gink Silly person
Give it away Give up on something eg. for Gods sake, give it away!
Go crook Lose your temper; tell someone off for doing something wrong
Go off half cocked Do something unprepared
Go the Grope Attempt to fondle a person of the opposite sex (usually done by a male)
Go the Growl To have oral sex with a female
Go walkabout To go missing (usually not in the worrying way); go travelling
Goanna Piano (rhyming slang)
Gob Mouth
God darn! Surprise at something
Goer Something that works well
it’s a Goer Something that will definitely occur
Going like hot cakes Something selling or given away very fast
Gone round the bend Gone crazy or mental
Gone to the dogs Something or someplace, is no longer any good
Good as Gold! Something is great
Good oh Okay
Good on ya Mate! You are happy with what they are doing
the Good oil on it Is to tell the truth on something
full as a Goog Drunk or eaten to the excess
Goose Someone that is not too smart, silly
Got a face like a dropped pie Ugly
Got a face like a smacked arse Ugly
Grazier Sheep or cattle farmer (usually in a big way)
Greaser Flatterer, sycophant
Great Australian salute Swatting flies away
Green around the Gills You are feeling queezy or sick
Gregory peck Neck (rhyming slang)
Grid A cattle grate over a road
Grizzle Complain
Grog Alcohol
Grot Very dirty or untidy person
Grouse Great; terrific
Grub Food; dirty eater or dirty child
Gumsucker Someone who lives in the state of Victoria
he’s a Gun He’s the best at something
Gunna Going to eg. I’m gunna fix the dripping tap
down the Gurgler Down the plug hole; something has failed
spill your Guts Confess to something
Gutzer To fall over and hurt yourself; plan that does not work out eg. you come a gutzer
Gympy leg Damaged leg
that’s Grouse It is very good


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