Australian Slang Dictionary - H


I’ve been Had You’ve been tricked; conned
Haggle Talk the price down
Hair of the dog First alcoholic drink the morning after a very heavy night on the grog
put Hairs on ya chest Eat this or drink this it’ll make you strong
Half your luck! Congratulate in an envious way
Handles like a dog on lone Handles very badly
Hang on a tick Wait a minute
Hang out Spending time out with friends generally doing nothing
Happy as a bastard on father’s day Unhappy, depressed
Happy as a pig in shit Very happy
Happy as larry Extremely over joyed
Hardcase Someone with closed mind
Head like a mini with the doors open Big protruding ears
Head like a robbers dog Very ugly
Heart starter First alcoholic drink of the day
Heave Ho Get rid of something
Hit the Hay; Hit the Sack Go to bed to sleep
Hit the tow Take off; leave
Hit your kick Open your wallet
Hols Going on holidays; vacation
Holy-dooly An expression of surprise
Hoon Show-off with limited intelligence; lout
Hoo-roo Goodbye
Hot under the collar Angry
Howzat? Aasking someone how something is
Howzit goin mate? How are you doing?
Humdinger Excellent! eg. thats a real humdinger!
Humping Carrying something heavy; having sex
Humpy Bush dwelling of cheap construction
Hungry as a black dog Starving
so Hungry I could eat a Horse and chase the jockey Starving


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