Australian Slang Dictionary - J


Jack and Jill Bill (rhyming slang)
Jack dancer Cancer (rhyming slang)
Jack of it! Totally fed up with something
Jackaroo or Jillaroo Trainee male or female Cattle Station hand
Jackie Howe Blue singlets – worn by Australian truckers
Jack-in-the-box Someone who can’t sit still
Jaffle Toasted sandwich
Jaked Broken
Jam jars Thick lensed glasses (spectacles)
Jarmies Pyjamas; bed clothes
Jerry Bedpan; petrol can
Jiffy Short time eg. be with you in a jiffy
Jiggered Broken; useless
Jimmy Brit Shit (rhyming slang)
by Jingos! Exclamation of wonder
Job! Hit; punch
Jocks Male underpants
any old Joe Blow will tell you Anyone can tell you; common knowledge
Joe Blake Snake (rhyming slang)
Joe Bloggs The average citizen
John Toilet
Johnny Bliss Piss (rhyming slang)
Joker Comic
Journo Journalist
Jumbuck Sheep (Aboriginal word)
Jumper Woolen sweater


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