Australian Slang Dictionary - K


Kafuffle Argument; disturbance
Kangaroo court Biased opinions of people judging you
Kangaroos loose in the top paddock Crazy
Kark it Die
Keen as mustard Enthusiastic about something
Kick in Contribute money to something
Kick the bucket Die
Kindy Kindergarden (first year of primary school)
Kip Nap; short rest
Kiwi New Zealander
Knackers Male testicles
Knee high to a grasshopper Small child eg. when I was knee high to a grasshopper
Knickers Female underwear
Knock back Refusal
Knock shop A house of prostitution; whore house
Knock something Criticise it
Knock your socks off Cause amazed admiration
Knocked off work Finished work for the day
Knocked up Pregnant
Knock-off A counterfeit product
get Knotted! Angry way of saying “get lost”
Knuckle sandwich Punch in the mouth
pack your Kit Pack your belongings or possessions


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