Australian Slang Dictionary - L

Lady blamey A beer glass made from the bottom half of a beer bottle
Lady muck A woman who puts on airs of a grand lady, usually badly (stuck up)
Lag Inform; dob; turn someone in for doing something wrong
Lame-brained Stupid
Lamingtons Sponge cakes coated in chocolate and coconut grated (genuine Aussie cake) YUMMO!!!!!!
Land shark Land speculator
Lashing out Going on a spending spree
Laugh at the lawn Vomit outside
Laughing gear Your mouth
Larrikin Lout
Lav Outdoor toilet
Leading you up the garden path Someone is try to deceive you
take a Leak Go to the toilet
Lemon Faulty; broken; bad; useless; lesbian
Lift Elevator
Lights are on but there’s noone home Not very smart
Like a lily on a dustbin Lonely; neglected
Like a shag on a rock Forlorn; lonely; out of place
Like a two-bob watch Act in an erratic, crazy manner (two bob is worth around 20 cents)
Like billyo Energetically; with gusto
Like the clappers Very fast
Little beaut; Little ripper Person or thing of excellence
Lippie Lipstick
Liquid amber Beer
Lob Visit someone unannounced eg. He just lobbed up
Loaded Drunk
Local-yokel Well-known resident
use your Loaf Use your head; think about it
Lollies Candy
do your Lolly Lose your temper
Lollywater Soft drink
Looney bin Psychiatric hospital
as Long as a month of Sundays A very long time
Long drink of water Someone who is tall
how Long is a piece of string? Said when a timeline isn’t possible to give when asked
Long neck Large (tall) bottle of beer
Lousy Rotten; mean; wretched
Lugs Ears
g’day Luv Substitute for a womans name in a friendly greeting (used to meet new females sometimes)


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