Australian Slang Dictionary - M

Maccas McDonalds
Slack Macs McDonalds
Mad as a cut snake Very angry
Mad as a gumtree full of galahs Totally insane
Make a proper galah of yourself Behave foolishly
Make a quid Earn a living
Mango Green on the outside, yellow on the inside – a coward
Mate Friend
Matilda Your sleeping bag or bed roll for camping out
plates of Meat Your feet (rhyming slang)
Mexican Someone from the State of Victoria
Middie 285 ml beer glass (New South Wales)
Miffed Annoyed; offended
Milk bar Corner shop that sells all sorts of things (mainly food)
Min Min Mysterious lights at night in the outback
Mingy Mean; stingy
Missus Your wife
Mob Group of people or things, not necessarily unruly
Mollydooker Left hander
Molly the Monk Drunk (rhyming slang)
Moosh Your mouth
More of them than you can poke a stick at A lot of them
Mozzie Mosquito
Mucking around Playing/fooling around
Muff Vagina
Mug Your face
you’re a Mug You are a fool
gone up the Mulga Gone bush, gone to country not touched by man
stunned Mullet Dazed; daydreaming
Mutt Mongrel dog
Mutton done up as lamb Over dressed older woman dressed up in young persons clothes
Mystery bag Sausage (never know what the butcher put in it)


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