Australian Slang Dictionary - N

I’m Nackered Exhausted; very tired
Nana Banana
Nanna Grandmother
Nappy Diaper (not slang)
Narkie Short tempered
Naughty Sexual intercourse eg. I had a naughty last night!
Neddie A horse
Ned Kelly Belly (rhyming slang)
Never Never Australian outback, usually off the beaten track; mythical place of Aboriginal legend
Nick Name; nude; naked; steal
good Nick Good shape and condition
Nick off Get lost; go away; depart
Nicked Stole; arrested
Nickers Females underpants
Nipper Small child
Noah’s ark Shark (rhyming slang)
Nockers Women’s breasts
No flies on me! I’m quick witted
Noggin Head
No-hoper Someone who is hopeless; has no prospects
No worries! Yes, can do that!
Nong Idiot; fool; simpleton
on the Nose Smells; stinks
Not backward in coming forward Someone is pushy about doing something; eager; brash
Not much chop Not much good
Not on your nellie! No way! never!
Not the full quid Lacking in intelligence or sanity
Not until the other shoe drops Have thought about it but I will need further information
Nuddy Nude; naked
Nuggets Man’s testicles
Nulla-nulla Wooden club used by Aborigines (made from very heavy and hard wood called Blackbut)


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