Australian Slang Dictionary - O

Ocker Uncultivated Australian man; someone who is a true blue, fair dinkum Australian who adores this country; speech pattern (includes lots of slang)
Off like a brides nightie Leave very quickly; stinks
Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun Foul smelling; leave very quickly
Off the beaten Track On a road not used very much; bush bashing in a remote part of Australia
Offsider Assistant or partner
Oldies; Olds Parents
good Onya mate Well done
On a good thing Being involved in a successful venture
On a good wicket Having a successful (and possibly not demanding) job
On a sticky wicket In trouble
On the blink Out of order; malfunctioning
On the nose Foul-smelling
On ya! Expression of encouragement
Once over Giving something the look over; checking it out
One armed bandit Poker machine (sad to say the arm is being replaced by a button)
One foot on the banana skin the other on the grave Someone very close to dying
Ooroo Goodbye
Open slather Unrestricted opportunity
couldn’t Organise a pissup in a brewery Ineffectual useless person
couldn’t Organise a root in a brothel Ineffectual useless person
Outback Remote part of Australia
Outhouse Toilet (coming from the old days when a toilet was down in the backyard)
Outlaws In-laws
bun in the Oven Pregnant
Overlander Driving sheep or cattle over long distances in the outback
Ow-ya-goin How are you going? (Australian language is very drawled)
Oy! Yelled to get someones attention
Oz Australia


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