Australian Slang Dictionary - PQ

Put the cows out on the long Paddock Putting cows out on the road
Paid to go right in but got off at Redfern Coitus interruptus
Pally Sarcastic name eg. list here Pally!
Panic merchant Someone that panics easily, or over really minor things
Paper yabber Letter
Paralytic Extremely drunk
Pash; Pashing French kissing; stickin the tongue in!
Pat-malone Alone (rhyming slang)
Pavlova mmm yummm Australian desert with a meringue base usually topped in fresh cream and fruit
Paw-paw Queensland papaya fruit (tropical)
Pay through the nose Pay far too much
Pearl Excellent
Perk at work Something good your employer supplies for nothing as a part of your job(and the taxman wants a part of)
Perve Stare lustfully
Pester Annoy or bother someone
Piddle Urinate
Piece of cake Easy task
Pie floater meat pie floating in pea soup (mash), usually with lots of sauce (South Australian tucker)
Piece of Piss Easy
Piffle Nonsense
Pigs bum Wrong; incorrect
Piker Someone who doesn’t want to do what the rest of the group do; or gives up easily
Pinch Arrest eg. he got pinched!
Pipped at the post Narrowly beaten
Piss and wind Futile excercise
don’t Piss in my Pocket You aren’t interested in hearing someones troubles
Pissed as a parrot Drunk
Pissed off Angry; unhappy with something
away with the Pixies Day dreaming
Plate of meat Feet (rhyming slang)
Playing Possum You are hiding yourself or try to keep something from someone
Play funny buggers Behave in a stupid way; deceive or cheat
Play possum Feign death or sleep
Plonk Cheap alcohol
Plum tuckered out Excessively tired, worn out
Pocket billiards Male with his hand in his pocket adjusting his genitals
Poddy dodger Cattle rustler
POETs day Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday
Pommy; Pom; Pommy bastard English (UK) person
Pong Stink; bad smell
Poo tickets Toilet paper
Poof; Poofter Offensive term for a homesexual male; footstool
feel like a Pork chop in a Jewish Synogogue Very self conscious; out of place
Possie Advantageous position; in a good spot
Postie Postman; mail delivery person
Pot 285 ml glass of beer (Victoria and Queensland)
Pot hole Hole in the road
Pot calling the kettle black The person saying something bad is worse than what they are saying
Prang Automotive crash
Prawn Shrimp (that’s right we don’t put a shrimp on the barbie, that’s just advertising to con you in to coming here, no Aussie but Paul Hogan has ever said it!!!) Chuck another snag on the barbie is what a true Australian says.
you’re a raw Prawn You are easy to deceive
Prezzies Gifts
Proud as a rat with a gold tooth Someone is very proud with how they look or something they have done
Pub Hotel; place for drinking lots of alcohol
Puffed Out of breath
Pull the belt in Stop spending money
Pull the other leg Expression of disbelief
Pull your head in Mind your own business
Pull your socks up Get your life in order; get your act together
Push-bike Bicycle
Pussy Vagina; cat
Pussyfoot To do something very cautiously
Put a cork in it; Put a sock in it Shut up!
Put up or shut up Show you can do it or shutup
Put on a dingo act Behave in a cowardly way
Put the mozz on someone Try to make someone fail or make a mistake; jinx
talking to the Porcelain telephone Vomiting into a toilet (driving the big white bus)
Quack Doctor
Quid Money
not the full Quid Short on brains


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