Australian Slang Dictionary - R

Racing off Sex with someone else’s wife or husband
Rack off Get lost!
Rack off Get out!
Rafferty’s Rules Every thing is a mess and mixed up, done all wrong, with no rules at all
Rag Newspaper; whore; a women who sleeps around
Raining cats’n’dogs Heavy storm
Rapt Overjoyed
Rare as rocking horse shit Extremely rare
like a Rat up a drain pipe Move very quickly
Ratbag Not a nice person
don’t give a Rat’s arse Don’t care
Reckon you are right Believe; think you’re right
Rellies Relative
Ridgy didge Authentic; true; genuine
Righto Okay; not a problem; fine
Ring Anus; call on phone
Ring in Replacement for the real thing; imposter
Ringer Fast sheep shearer
Rip snorter Great!
smells Ripe Smells off or bad
Ripped off Been cheated
Ripper Great
Ripsnorter Really great
Road train Multi-trailered semi truck – longest in the world!
doing a Roaring trade Doing a lot of business
not enough Room to swing a cat Very small place
Root Sex
Rooted Very tired; had sex with
Ropable Very angry
wouldn’t it Rot your socks! Expression of disgust
Rough end of the pineapple Unfair deal; bad deal; bad end to something
RS Lousy (ratshit)
Rubber Eraser; condom
Rug Rat Baby that can crawl; small child
Rug up Dress warmly
Run a muck Enjoying yourself in a foolish manner, quite often at the expense of others with reckless abandon
Run around in the shower to get wet Very thin
Run around like a chook with its head cut off Rushing about to no great effect


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