Australian Slang Dictionary - S

Sack Bed eg. gotta hit the sack
Sacked Fired from work
Saltie Saltwater crocodile
great Australian Salute Swatting flies
Sandgroper Someone who lives in Western Australia (very sandy state)
Sandshoes Joggers; sneakers; trainers
Sandwich short of a picnic Short on brains
Sanger Sandwich
Scab Abusive term for non-union worker
Scallops Fried potato cakes (Queensland and Canberra)
Scarce as hen’s teeth Extremely rare
Scarce as rocking horse shit Something very rare
Schnozz Nose
School Group of drinkers, each of whom buys a round
Schooner Large beer glass (New South Wales and South Australia)
Scone Head
Scorcher Swelteringly hot day
Scrounge To get something for free
Scrubber You’re of poor quality and don’t keep yourself clean
Scrub-up well Dressed up better than usual
Scungy Dirty; unattractive; very small portion
Search me! I have no idea
Septic tank Yank (rhyming slang); an American
Servo Service station for cars
Settlers alarm clock Kookaburra
Shack Simple dwelling; house
Shag Have sex
Shank’s pony Going somewhere by foot
Shark Used car salesman
Shark biscuit New surfers
She’ll be right!; She’ll be apples This means everything will be fine
Sheila Female
Shellacking Complete defeat
Shirty Upset or angry
Shivoo Rowdy party
Shonky Unreliable; a very suspect deal
Shoot through Leave
Shoot through like a bondi tram Leave very quickly
Short and curlies Pubic hair (when someone states they’ve got you by the short and curlies – you’re in a bad or very uncomfortable position
Short arms long pockets Someone will not part with is money
Shot through like a Bondi tram Departed hastily
Shout Buying alcohol for the members of your group at a pub – Australians usually take it in turns to buy a round
Shove off! Get lost!
wouldn’t Shout in a shark attack Won’t take a turn buying the drinks in a bar; will not shout his round
Show you the ropes Show you how to do a job
Shuteye Sleep
Sickie Taking time off work , with the reason of sickness, but you are well, and just going fishing or something you do in good health
Silly Season Christmas holiday’s
Singlet Under shirt or tanktop
Sink a few Have several beers
Sit on a beer Take a long time to drink a beer
Six pack short of a case Short on brains
cheap Skate Miser; someone will not spend money
Skedaddle Leave; flee
Skewhiff Askew; muddled
Skite Person that boasts or brags about their personal accomplishments
Sky pilot Clergyman
Slab Pack of 24 cans of beer
Slacker Lazy, irresponsible person
going for a Slash A man is going to urinate
Slippery-dip Kids slide
Slog Hard work
Sloppy Joe A fleecy sweater
Slow as a wet weekend Tediously slow and boring
Slug Penis
Slugo’s Mens swimmer’s (speedo’s)
Smashed Drunk
Smoko Morning tea; smoke break (smoking is banned from most places in Australia)
Snag Sausage (chuck another snag on the barbie!); Sensitive New Age Guy; unforeseen problem
Snag short of a barby Short on brains
lower than a Snake’s armpit Someone very underhanded
Snake gully Any rustic outpost
Snakey Upset; cranky
Snapping log Crocodile
Snuff it Die; expire
your a big Sook! You are very sensitive, and upset over nothing
Soup strainer Moustache
you can’t turn a Sow’s ear into a Silk purse You can’t make ugly beautiful
call a Spade a Spade Telling something like it really is
Sparky Electrician
Speedo’s Swimming costume
Spewing Vomiting; throwing a tantrum because something didn’t go your way
Spieler Conman; smooth talker
Spinebashing Sleeping
Spit the dummy Lose your temper
Spitting chips Enraged
Sponge Someone who borrows constantly
good Sport Someone who is good about losing
up the Spout Pregnant
Sprung! Caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing!
Spud Potato
Spun out Surprised and amazed
Spunky Someone is sexy; good looking; attractive in some way
Square off Get ready for a fight
Square up Apologise or make good
Squatter Someone who lives on land or in a house without permission
Squib out You are backing out of something; chickening out
have a Squiz at Have a look at
Stacked Large breasted women
Starkers Naked
Steak and kidney Sydney (rhyming slang)
Stick in the mud Name for someone who is stopping you from doing something you want to
dick Stickers Men’s swimmer’s
Stickybeak; Stick your bib in Someone who can’t mind their own business; nosy
Still kicking Alive (barely)
Stinger Box Jellyfish
Stinker Boiling hot day
Stirrer Someone who causes trouble
Stoked Happy, excited, elated, overjoyed
Stone the crows! Shocked exclamation
Stoney broke Penniless
Stormstick Umbrella
Strapped for cash Short of money
Strewth! Shock at something
Strides Trousers
Stroppy Someone in a bad mood, and being difficult
Stubby; stubbie Small bottle of beer; a pair of mens shorts
Stuck around Someone is staying somewhere (hanging around)
don’t give a Stuff Don’t care
Stuffed Very tired
pull up Stumps Move home; change address
Suck it and See Going to try do something that you think is going to be trouble but may not be
Suss Suspicious
Suss it out Check something out
Swag Canvas bag or cover that you keep all your belongings and bedroll in to protect it from the weather when camping out
you look pretty Swank Dressed expensively; or very stylishly
no Sweat No worries
Sweet Fanny Adams Zilch; none; nothing


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