Australian Slang Dictionary - T

Ta Thanks
Talk the leg off an iron pot Someone with the gift of the gab (someone who talks alot)
Tallie 750ml large bottle of beer
Tassie map Females pubic area (resembles the state of Tasmania)
Taswegain Someone who lives in the state of Tasmania
Tea Evening meal
Tee up Organise or arrange something
bush Telly Looking up at the stars
Ten ounce sandwich Lunch of beer only
Thick as a brick/thick as the dust on a public servants out tray Stupid; dull; slow-witted
Thingo; Thingamajig; Thingamabob Something you don’t know the name of is a thingo
Thongs Sandals made from rubber
Thugby Southerners term for Rugby League Football
Thredbo five $50 note – if you’ve ever been skiing at Thredbo you’ll have noticed that everything is ten times the normal price
Thunder box Toilet
hang on a Tick Wait a short moment
Ticker Heart
he’s got Tickets on himself He thinks he’s the greatest, highly self opinionated
Tickle the till Rob; pilfer
Tides gone out Your glass is not full
Tight wad You don’t want to part with your money
Tightarse; Tight as a fish’ arse Someone who will not part with his money or shout a drink in a pub
Til the cows come home A very long time
Tinnie Can of cold beer; aluminum boat
crack a Tinnie Open a can of cold beer
couple of Tinnies short of a slab Short of brains
Tizz State of confused excitement
Toey Someone who is very nervous or sexually frustrated
Too right! Something is absolutely right
Top-ender Someone who lives in the Northern Territory
make Tracks You want to get going somewhere
Troppo Crazy; insane
Trouble and strife Wife – rhyming slang
True blue Genuine; fair dinkum Australian item or person
Tucker Food
Tuckerbag A bag for storing food in the bush
Tuckshop What Aussie schools call a canteen; cafateria; eatery
Turn dingo Become an informer
Turn it up! Stop what your say or doing as its not right
going Twenty to the dozen Moving or doing something very fast, or too fast
Two pot screamer One who becomes quickly intoxicated
Two shakes of a lamb’s/dog’s tail Soon; short time
Two-up Traditional Australian heads or tails gambling game with two coins – played on Anzac day only


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