Australian Slang Dictionary - UV


Uee or Uwe Doing a U turn
Underdaks; undies Underpants
Underground mutton Rabbits (when cooked)
Uni University
Up n under Chunder (vomit) – rhyming slang
Up shit creek without a paddle Things are going wrong for you
someone got Up your nose Someone has really upset, irritated or annoyed you
Up the duff Pregnant
Up the gumtree Someone that got themself in a spot of trouble; in a quandary
Up there Cazaly A cry of encouragement
Up yourself Full of yourself
Useful as a flywire door on a submarine Completely Useless
Useless as tits on a bull Very useless; worthless
Ute Utility truck (in the USA a pickup truck)
Vegies Vegetables; mentally handicapped
Verbal diarrhoea Non-stop talk; talking utter rubbish


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