Australian Slang Dictionary - W


Wacker Crazy, but possibly amusing person
Waffle Talk complete nonsense
Wag Skip school; truency
gone Walkabout Long walk, for an aboriginal its a period of spiritual enlightenment spent alone
Walking ticket; Walking papers Layed off from your job
Walkover Something is done easily or someone is deceived easily
on the Wallaby track To go from place to place in search of work
Wally Someone who keeps making mistakes; idiot; fool
Walloper Policeman
backroom Waltz Discipline dished out at the Police Station
Wanker A male that is really stupid but they think they are the greatest
Warwick farms Arms (rhyming slang)
it will all come out in the Wash Something will sort it’s self out over time
Waterhole Pub or hotel
Watering the horse Urinating
Weatherboard Wooden house
Wedding tackle Man’s penis
Welsh on Betray; inform on; fail to pay debts
the Wet Rainy season in Northern Australia
Wharfie Dockworker
What’s that? Excuse me?; beg your pardon?
What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? Wheres the link with the subject being discussed?
Whinge Whining complaint
Whingeing pom Complaining English migrant
Whinger Habitual complainer
Whip around Collect money for a gift for someone
give it a Whirl Try doing something by giving it your best
White pointer Highway patrol
White pointers Lady sunbaking topless
Who-ha Someone is making a fuss about something, usually nothin important
Who let the cat out of the bag? Who gave away the secret?
on a good Wicket On a good thing; earning a good income
Willies Feeling of apprehension
Willy Man’s penis
Willy Willy Whirly wind; dust twister
Willy-nilly Something kept in an untidy way
put the Wind up ya! Frighten someone; to intimidate
Windy enough to blow a blue dog off its chain Extremely windy
Wing-ding Party; piss up
Winge Complain and carry on unnecessarily
chucked a Wobbly Threw a tantrum
got the Wobbly boot on Drunk
In bed with a Wog No you’re not in bed with an Italian – you’re in bed with the flu (influenza) or a virus
you Wombat! You are not too smart, a dope
Wonky Unstable; unsteady; shaky
Wood was wet and the cocky pissed on the matches. Not good or everything went wrong
Woomera Stick used by Aborigines to throw spears
Woop woop Somewhere a long way from civilization
no Worries mate! Don’t worry about it, everything is fine (Australian attitude)
Wouldn’t be dead for quids You’re very happy and well
Wouldn’t do it in a blue fit Wouldn’t do it in any circumstances whatsoever
Wouldn’t give them the time of day You don’t want to have anything to do with them
Wouldn’t it rock your socks Exclamation of annoyance or disgust
Wouldn’t know his arse from his elbow Complete fool
Wouldn’t work in an iron lung Extremely lazy
Wowser Killjoy or prude; old fashioned
Wrapped Excited about something good that has happened eg. I’m totally wrapped!
Write off Can’t be fixed (totalled)


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