Australian Slang Dictionary - XYZ


x it out Cross it out; erase it
Yabber Talk excessively and unintelligibly
Yabbie Freshwater Australian crayfish
Yacking Talking a lot
Yahoo Uncouth lout; loudmouthed person who is out of control in some way
Yakka Physical labour
hard Yakka Hard work
Yank American
Yapping Talking none stop
Yarn Someone telling a fictional story
tell you a Yarn Tell a story that maybe true or it may not be, that’s for them to work out
Yobbo Same as a yahoo but no values at all, looks like a slob always
Yonks A long period of time
You’re not wrong! Total agreement
Zack Was a sixpence which is now five cents
Zebra crossing Painted lines on a road for a pedestrian crossing
Zits Acne
Zonked Really tired; paralytic; drunk
catch some ZZZ’s Sleep


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